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Absen's new small pixel pitch product won BEST of SHOW’17 PRESENTED AT ISE 2017 Award



Recently, Absen’s new small pixel pitch product HDV1.6 won the “Best of Show ‘17” award presented at ISE 2017 by Installation,  another international laurel won by Absen’s small pitch products.


Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was held in Amsterdam in Netherlands from February 7th to 10th, 2017. ISE is the most successful and largest professional audio-visual equipment and information system integration technology exhibition held in Europe, and in fact boasts of having the largest audience for such an event, globally.


Absen's new small pixel pitch product – HDV1.6, won the extremely prestigious BEST OF SHOW ’17 award presented at ISE 2017 by Installation, other winners include Sharp, JVC, Senheiser and other renowned international companies.





Absen's new small pixel pitch product – HDV1.6, won BEST OF SHOW’17 award presented at ISE 2017 by Installation


The awards selection was conducted during ISE 2017 in Amsterdam in Netherlands. This award is bestowed in recognition of the outstanding technology of the exhibitors' products during the exhibition. Some of Absen’s outstanding technology refers to innovation in small pitch LED, wireless installation, front and rear installation maintenance, fanless mute technology, convenient installation and achieving impressive 4K and 8K display effect.


HDV1.2/ HDV1.6/ HDV1.9

Ultra High-Definition LED TV Wall


Wall-mounted front installation and maintenance small pixel pitch products feature wireless installation, integrated design and intelligent modules. They have higher product maintenance efficiency, and minimal product maintenance requirements, reducing difficulties in product maintenance. Front installation and user-based front maintenance saves space, and reduces customers’ worries. With 48V external power supply the products feature good heat dissipation and have high safety features.


"We strive to create products that our customers expect, and this award confirms our unremitting efforts in developing high-quality products." Industry Director Nacho Perez Borjabad said, "With the first display of Absen's small pixel pitch HDV product overseas, I think we are seeing the rise of emerging technologies in the market. I hope we will see more such technologies coming up under Absen’s leadership."



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