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Absen 8K HD LEDs Depict 7200 Panoramic View at Tonghu Sci-Tech Town Immersive Experience for a Techn


Tonghu Sci-Tech Town is in a very important geographical location of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and in the junction of Shenzhen, Guizhou and Dongguan. Developed by Country Garden the vision is to create the the Sci-Tech Town as the “Silicon Valley in Guangdong,” to test-bed promote and integrate advanced technologies within an ecological comfortable living space, thereby becoming the new critical growth pole on the industrial belt in Guangdong Gold Coast.


The vision for the town has attracted a number of large companies to move in focusing on technologies such as the Internet of things, 5G, unmanned vehicle, drone, face-tracking and so forth. So it’s a town for futuristic and high-end technologies. But the town is still in the construction phase. To show potential “tenants” how the town will look like when the whole construction is finished, a CAVE hall was built. Instead of using 3D models, the CAVE hall offers a naked eye 3D, 7200 immersive panoramic digital experience.


Located withing the “Smart City” control centre of Tonghu Sci-Tech Town of Country Garden, the LED CAVE hall features 283 sqm of Absen’s N 2.5 product (1092 cabinets), offering over 8K resolution of dynamic 3D content for visitors to truly experience the futuristic town before it is completed.


The LED Cave Hall

In the seamlessly immersed LED giant screen immersive experience space, the audience can watch the panoramic CG (Computer Graphics) video, combining scene and sound effects, so that the visitor is completely immersed in a high-level virtual simulation environment surrounded by stereoscopic images.

Through the LED giant screen and multi-terminal control platform, combined with multi-dimensional huge image display space, integrated with data visualization and intelligent control technology, the CAVE hall can integrate large digital film and a large number of data presentation media to create a smart city image display area.




Absen’s LED displays needed to provide a Naked eye 3D, 720° panorama view, over 8K HD screen. The seamless design of the 90° corner screen, the flatness of the whole screen, the ceiling screen, and the screen on the floor were all challenges during the installation.

The LED screens were installed on all 5 sides of this CAVE hall(the ceiling, the floor, the front, the left and the righ), which meant that there were many corners to deal with during the installation. To deal with the 90-degree corners it required high resolution LED display products, perfectly synced to provide a seamless experience for viewers.

The ceiling screens feature 11x22 cabinets, each weighing 9kg. Obviously safety was a priority. Though the Absen LED module used magnetic, there was a high probability of the panel falling down due to gravity. To ensure that does not happen, Absen’s engineers used screws to fix the ceiling screens as further precaution.

The Absen N2.5 is a slim flat panel display which enables fast installation and easy maintenance with access to front and rear of panels. That the entire installation, calibration and commissioning of the Absen LEDs took only 20 days and only four hard-working engineers is testament to the ease of the installation process of the Absen LEDs.

The CAVE Hall has certainly achieved the objective of the developer in creating a stimulating experience for visitors to see the future!