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Absen Launches KL Series to Enrich its Fixed Indoor LED Display Portfolio


Absen, the global leader in LED display solutions, recently announced the launch of KL series, a fixed indoor product with a perfect balance of excellent visual performance, ease of operation and price. KL is available in five pixel pitches ranging from 1.6mm to 3.9mm.


“The KL series is a great LED option for wholesalers, distributors and project contractors who buy LED modules and the other components to assemble LED displays for diverse projects”, said Vandy Fan, the channel strategy manager at Absen, “KL is well suited for a wide array of applications, including various retail spaces, hotels, corporate, government, transport and more indoor environments. It holds a number of advantages. Using ready-to-use LED displays, instead of assembling components on site, not only helps save time and labour cost, but also secures the project quality, which in return could enhance the relationship between the contractors and the end users. KL will give module wholesalers and project contractors new and exciting ways to better meet system integration and the other permanent installation needs of their customers”.


Outstanding visual performance: With a reputation of providing high quality products, Absen chooses safe and reliable raw materials for its products. The Absen KL series boasts a high level of brightness, grayscale, contrast ratio and refresh rate. Products from Absen have been calibrated after going through a series of critical product tests, making sure high visual uniformity over time and the ability to maintain products’ entire lifespan at component level. And with fine die-casting aluminium panels, which further ensures the flatness of screens, KL is able to deliver higher visual impact. In contrast, creating a screen with components from different suppliers poses risks to the quality of final installations and the visual experience.


Innovative design: KL is an all-in-one product featuring sleek and user-friendly designs. It allows for multiple installation methods including wall-mounting, hanging and floor installation, in use of the creative back channels or connecting pads. The product comes in standard size of 640mm×480mm, with an extra option of 320mm×160mm for customers in cases that need design flexibility.


Ease of operation and maintenance: To assemble an LED display with a lot of components takes loads of work and requires highly skilled engineers, which also leads to higher cost of labour and time. Absen’s KL is a front & rear installation and maintenance product with a depth of only 70mm and weighing at 7.8kg per panel. In addition, KL as an all-in-1 product, with PSU (power supply units), cables, receiving cards and the other key components inside, offers better installation and maintenance solutions for end users.

“KL series will be a unique supplementary product to Absen’s existing commercial product portfolio”, said Vandy, “so far it is only available in regional markets including Latin America, the Middle East and APAC”.

Lanzhou High-speed Railway Station - KL2.5-- 4 screens(1).jpgLanzhou High-speed Railway Station - KL2.5(1).jpg

Four LED displays of Absen KL series in Lanzhou High-speed Railway Station, China