Changsha South Railway Station Departs with Absen LED


From   2012   to   2018,   a   total   of   17   pieces   of   Absen   LED   displays,   with   an   area   of   547.6   sqm,   had   been   installed   inside   and   out   of   the   Changsha   South   Railway   station.   Ranging   from   10mm   to   3mm   of   pixel   pitch,   those   LED   boards,   both   indoor   and   outdoor,   shine   at   the   station,   providing   a   valuable   digital   advertising   display   network   reaching   hundreds   of   millions   of   travelers   every   year.

Located in Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan, China, Changsha South Railway Station has the functions of both a subway station and a railway station. It's also   a hub and the connecting point of China ’ s main railways including Beijing – Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong High-Speed Railway, Shanghai – Kunming High-Speed Railway and the proposed Xiamen-Changsha-Chongqing High-Speed Railway. With a total construction area of 273,000sqm, the depot stretches 137,000sqm, making the Changsha South Railway Station a transport center for high-speed railroads, metro lines, buses, maglev and coaches, which closely connect downtown, Huanghua International Airport and nearby cities. The average daily passenger flow of the station reaches more than 100,000 passengers, and at peak it is over 200,000 passengers.


  (The west landing platform outside the railway station, 73.6 sqm,   Absen A106, 2012)


(The west landing platform outside the railway station, 73sqm,   Absen A1099, 2014)





(The west exit of the railway station, 27sqm, 2 pieces, Absen K6 2014)


(The west waiting area of the railway station, 49.5sqm, Absen K6, 2015)


(The west exit of the railway station, 24.5sqm, Absen K6, 2015)



(The east waiting area of the railway station, 62.5sqm, Absen K5, 2016)


(The security area of the railway station, total area 38sqm, 4 pieces,   Absen N3, 2017)


(The east exit of the railway station, three-sided column screen, 36sqm, Absen K3, 2018)


According to Qu, the sales manager of the Hunan market, “Since 2012, we had received the demands of installing LED displays in Changsha South Railway station annually and we managed to provide our clients the choice products and solutions they expected. The content of these 17 screens includes schedule details, brand ads, travel information and tourist videos and more. During this pandemic, some of the screens have been used to display health tips of anti-COVID-19 and encourage all the travelers to take care of themselves.”


Commenting on why the railway station chose Absen for consecutive 7 years, Terry Zhu, Absen’s product manager concludes: “In this transport application, we have increasingly seen paper posters being replaced by flat-panel displays. Whatever the location, transport companies can be demanding customers, often requiring extremely high picture quality, flexible network integration, remote control and monitoring, robustness, low maintenance and 24-7 reliability. Absen’s products definitely meet the customers’ needs and so have won the bids for its wonderful visual performance and the exceptional stability.”


Transportation is performing an increasingly important role in AV industry. One of the most powerful benefits of LED displays is that it’s not restricted to a single-role application. It’s possible to deliver systems that combine wayfinding, point of information and entertainment in a single package. Terry remarks: “Absen has extensive experience in providing transport digital signage products and solutions of unrivaled quality, I’m sure more and more LED displays will be used in China’s high-speed railway stations and airports for the future.”