Join Absen at Infocomm China Beijing 2020


After nearly half-year postponement due to Covid-19, Infocomm China Beijing 2020 is taking place during September 28 to 30 in China National Convention Center (CNCC) Beijing, China.  The leading LED display brand, Absen, will showcase a line-up of its latest products and solutions at booth #EB3-01. 




The Next Evolution MiniLED Products - HC1.2 Pro, CR0.7, A2712 Pro

Absen’s MiniLED, ultra-fine pixel pitch LED products, incorporate IMD 4-in-1 pixel configuration and common cathode technology. Absen MiniLED now comes as standard in four core product ranges: the Aries (AX), Acclaim (A27 Pro) and Control Room (CR) series, as well as the HC series. These MiniLED products boast superior visual performance, flatness and contrast, and are 2.5x stronger than standard SMD LED – not to mention 20% energy efficiency.  


At Infocomm Beijing 2020, Absen’s MiniLED product HC1.2 Pro will make its global debut. A stunning beyond-4K LED video wall featuring HC1.2 Pro is taking center stage at the booth. HC series is Absen’s new MiniLED display for the high-end control room and conference room market.


Also on display is Absen’s A27 Pro series. The Acclaim series is Absen’s flagship display for indoor fixed installation, predominately in corporate and retail environments. Its 27.5-inch cabinet with 16:9 resolution can achieve point-to-point FHD/4K, delivering the best visual impact. The A27 Pro series makes it better, stronger, and more efficient.


CR0.7  will be demoed at the show as well. It represents the company’s smallest pixel pitch and highest resolution display. Designed to serve applications of security, transportation, telecommunications, broadcast, government, schools and so on, CR series is capable of receiving a good number of various signals with robust reliability due to power and signal redundancy. 


Mission-critical environments like control room and command centres depend on reliable LED video wall technology in monitoring, emergency response, command operations or process control. Absen's control room display solutions are designed to provide a high level of detail and have been widely utilized in various industries. Check out some control room projects that Absen has done:


Absen’s control room reference collection


5G DooH Display Solution – AW series

AW series  is a versatile display solution for kinds of street advertising applications such as bus shelters, light boxes as well as the conventional outdoor fixed installations. AW can also be applied to smart poles or pillars to cater to the growing trend of LED display and 5G technology integration. 


AW was designed to bring the best ROI for the customers thanks to its extraordinary quality and flexibility of various applications. Its narrow pixel pitch, high brightness, high refresh rate, waterproof design and efficient heat dissipation allow it to perform perfect in short viewing distance.


Conference Room Display Solution – Absenicon 2.0

Also on show is the updated all-in-one meeting room solution, Absenicon 2.0. An Absenicon of C138 will be exhibited on the booth. Designed to empower presenters and captivate audiences, Absenicon series is perfect for conference rooms, event spaces and lecture theatres and so on.


In addition, visitors at the show will also be able to experience Absen’s KL series, a commercial display with the best balance of performance and price and DooH product GS series, as well as PL Lite series.