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Products Transformation From “OOH” to “ UHD” Market


Introduction:From 20th September to 22nd September, Absen will launch a series of control room UHD products in Shanghai International LED exhibition (LED China) to present the latest technologies from digital advertising filed to UHD area.


Shanghai International LED Exhibition•LED CHINA


LED China, started in 2005, constitutes the biggest LED fair in China, the earliest LED theme exhibition around the world and shows the most complete LED industry chain. This one-stop trading and purchasing platform, including the LED display screen and digital signage products, is universally acknowledged as the flagship in LED industry.



From “OOH” to “Control Room UHD”


In 2001,Absen was founded in Shenzhen. OOH(out-of-home Media)—the advertising display around people's living environment, is the focused product of Absen at the very beginning.



 Absen OOH Application: The Times Square, New York City, USA


In 2005,Absen’s OOH business began to expand to the whole world.   


From the second half of 2011, rental became one of the major business of Absen and Absen stage is proved to be a platform for world while artists to show their talent and inspiration.





Absen Rental Application 


In 2013, the first Absen UHD product has launched. Since then, the UHD series turned into an important product line in Absen. 



Absen HUD application, Hungary TV Station


At present, Absen has over 1000 employees and service network spreads all over the world. However, the LED display products are not that simple as it was a dozen years ago. With the increasing fierce competition, how could we catch the more and more picky demands?


The key, is to realize the product transformation and upgrade end user’s experience.


In 2017, Absen further proposed quality target. Under the background that the pixel pitch continue to become smaller, Absen put forward higher quality demands to driving IC and other related materials.


Realization of Absen products transformation


Aiming at this goal, Absen conducted a variety of attempt and practice this year, including the upgrading of UHD concept and strengthening of energy conservation philosophy.


After the came out of U series and A series, Absen launched CR series for control room and A27 series for commercial display application in 2017.



 Absen CR series


In terms of product conception, the UHD panel size changed from 400*300mm to 480*480mm. Then Absen achieved the breakthrough of 16:9 ratio for CR series and designed the 54’/55’ panel to compete with LCD products.



Absen CR series: 16:9 panel, HD pixel-to-pixel


A1088/A1688, Absen OOH product, upgraded as well to a new version---A1099/A1699. Compared with the previous design, the red light brightness increased 125%, which means it consumes less under the same brightness.


From the initial OOH market to the rental industry, and then to the security control room segment, Absen responds always the demands in different market from a more and more professional perspective.


In this LED China Exhibition, besides the UHD products for control room, Absen will also bring the latest rental and OOH products for you!


        -20th - 22nd September, 2017


        -E1-C22, Shanghai New International Expo Center


        -See you there!





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