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Career Development

Development Channel: According to employee career development plan, divided into horizontal rotation and vertical promotion.

Lateral rotation:  that is, through job rotation, job or other adjustments to the technical content of more re-learning;

Longitudinal promotion:  that is, by routine examination and promotion assessment, conducted job promotion.



A, offer competitive salaries, combined with the market, industry and other wages and salary, the overall wage level in the 75th place;

B, provide the annual salary system, monthly basis, overtime pay system and other modes;
C, based on job performance and evaluation results, the annual salary salary or project;
D, providing performance bonuses, year-end bonuses and outstanding staff award.



Latest Jobs
required position tile location deadline
Product Manager (LED lighting)Managementshenzhen2014/3/18 0:00:00
Head of Sales Management (LED lighting)Lighting Division Marketingshenzhen2014/3/21 0:00:00
Marketing SpecialistAmerican Business DivisionAmerican 2014/8/30 0:00:00