The Absen Green also includes Absen's complementary dedication to corporate social responsibility, which covers the company's management systems, business ethics, and employees' rights and benefits in addition to its environmental and safety commitments.

"Environmental protection should be done not only today, but also tomorrow, to protect the future” concludes Hansen Ding. "Working together to support and protect the ecological balance, as the earth deserves."

Hansen Ding | Founder of Absen


LED displays are often applied on large scale, with the surface area reaching up to hundreds or even thousands of square meters. Powering screens on this scale can use thousands of kilowatts.
In every installation, safety should be a high requirement. In large scale installations, with a high volume of power being used safety requirements should be at the forefront.
Absen, as the leading LED display solution provider, we make a difference, by being safer. All weather-ready, fire-proof, and leak-proof properties.

Ben Ding | Chief Executive Officer of Absen


Over the past five years, we have saved carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 700,000 tons, which equivalent to the amount of carbon absorbed by 13.93 million trees in a single day. We make a difference, by more energy saving.

Among the planet-first measures announced under the Absen Green banner are the use of only sustainable, environmentally friendly materials, rigorous safety standards to prevent damage to the natural world, and an energy efficiency programme which has saved 700,000 tons of CO2 over the last five years and made Absen a carbon-neutral business.

Energy saving is achieved by a combination of four technological innovations. LED common cathode technology reduces energy consumption and heat output by more than 20%, while the use of a high-efficiency power supply offers energy conversion efficiency of close to 90% (compared to 75% - 85% for products using traditional power supplies). LED lamps with high luminous efficiency further bring down energy consumption, and a comprehensive heat-dissipation design reduce the power consumption of the displays' internal circuits.

With this four-pronged approach, Absen's large outdoor LED display A1021D/A1621D, its LED digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising solution, deliver energy savings of up to 50% and 65%, respectively, compared to similar products on the market.

Stone Shi | Chief Technology Officer of Absen


Health and well-being are fundamental to life, so we have been producing anti-blue light and anti-radiation products. We make a difference, by being concerned about health.

Absen LED displays are also compatible with 3C, CE, UL, ETL and other domestic and international safety standards, certifying that the products meet strict requirements for fire protection, electromagnetic interference, AC dielectric withstand, current leakage, insulation resistance and ground resistance, as well as OHSMS health standards on eye protection (from blue light), electromagnetic compatibility and more.

Laura Luo | Vice President of Absen


Self-regulating brightness (8K definition) to illuminate your way home and lighten your steps. We make a difference, by caring more about you.

While Absen's innovative automatic brightness adjustment technology ensures its displays adjust to the brightness of the surrounding environment. Further reduction of light pollution is achieved with 16-bit high grey correction technology and unique fog surface processing to reduce glare and eye strain.

Christian Czimny | Product Development Director of Absen


5 standards and 6 principles are upheld during the selection process for environmentally friendly materials. We make a difference, because we are just stricter in our policies.

These high environmental standards similarly apply to the manufacturing stage, with Absen using only eco-friendly raw materials - all of which comply with the European Union's RoHS 2.0 directive restricting the use of hazardous substances - and ensuring its products meet EU waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) requirements, which promote the reuse, recovery and recycling of waste by products.

Jeff Wang | Director of the Strategic Purchase at Absen


I can hear your whisper. We make a difference, by being quieter.

In addition to highlighting how Absen minimizes its physical environmental footprint, Absen Green underscores how the company is tackling other, less obvious sources of pollution: light and sound. Absen products feature a fanless design, which allows its products to operate at a noise pressure of under 10dBd (for comparison, the volume of a normal conversation is about 60dB).

Ciping Wang | General Manager of Delivery system at Absen


Energy saving is a virtue, environmental protection is an attitude, this is Absen's attitude. As the earth deserves.

Ruben Rengel | Vice President Global Business Development of Absen