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Ultra-light Rental Display

A truely easy-to-use lightweight product

The SA Series is designed for high-end product launches, public events, and corporate events.

Stunning Performance Display for Indoor Use​

With a brightness up to 1500nits, 16-bit grayscale, a 1/8 scan ratio and a 7680Hz refresh rate, the SA series stands unmatched in display quality, captivating audiences with its strikingly vivid images and exceptional performance.​

Lightweight But Durable

The SA series offers the ideal balance between lightweight design and robust structure.With an advanced composite design, each SA panel weighs only 19 kg/㎡ and can be mounted at heights of up to 10 meters for hanging installations and up to 5 metres for stacking installations.

Fast Locking System

The SA series features a fast locking system with an instant feedback mechanism and magnets on the top and bottom of the modulars,allowing the operator to set up quickly.

Multiple Applications

The SA series offers adjustable angle configurations from outer -2.5° to inner +2.5° to create a curved screen with high flatness; due to its own light weight, the SA series can be installed as flat displays, curved displays, and ceiling displays. Panels of different sizes can be assembled with each other in the horizontal direction.

Flat Displays

Curved Displays

Ceiling Displays

Hanging and Stacking Installation

The SA series are equipped with 500mm, 1000mm lifting beams, floor stacking rack accessories to meet the needs of lifting and stacking, which makes it convenient for customers to use the products according to the needs of the actual application scenarios.

Hanging Installation

Stacking Installation with wind bracing system

Stacking Installation with standard stacking solution

Identical Modules and PSU

The SA series uses identical and interchangeable power supply box and modules, making it easy to swap modules and power supply box, reduce the classification of accessories, and effectively reduce the cost.

Modular Design Enables Fast Maintenance

The SA series supports front and rear maintenance of the module and power supply box, and the power supply box can be easily removed by pressing one button. The module is designed with 250(W)*250(H)mm size and adopts full magnetic suction design, so there is no need to remove the power supply box beforehand for maintenance, which is convenient for quick replacement on site.

Front Maintenance

Rear Maintenance

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