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A27 Series

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  • XD4

    High Contrast,High Compatibility

  • Light, Thin, Convenient

    Panel thickness: 106mm. Saves installation space, Panel weight: 21kg. Easy delivery and installation.
  • Advanced Technology - Smart Monitoring

    No need for monitoring cards! Can monitor the display's operation status. Simple and error free. Real -time monitoring of the sending card, receiving card, module signal, temperature, and voltage. Connects with PC, tablets & iPads, and smartphones to monitor dusplays remotely.
  • Smart Module , Master Record

    XD4 smart module display the ID number, order number, production date, working time, module current, color oordinates, module voltage and module temperature.
  • Front and Rear Servicing

  • Waterproof Module

    Fully enclosed structure with rubber gasket and waterproof module seals off the electronic components from moisture; Only 4 PCS screws allow for easy installation and disassembly.
  • External Test Button

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