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  • A97V1

    Outdoor SMD HD

  • A97, the option for UEFA, the champions for Bundesliga

    The option for UEFA: totally meets UEFA stadium standard requirement, TUV-EMC certificated, widely used in one of the five top world Football League -Bundesiliga
  • HD perfect performance, the first option for advertising

    High resolution with perfect display performance, new generation LED UHD display technology, the pixel pitch is 10mm
  • High refresh rate, no any glare or water wave for live video

    High refresh rate up to 2800hz, under 1/2800 seconds professional camera, no any glare or water wave, successfully solved high refresh rate with loss of grayscale problem, ensure the perfect display performance.
  • Independent ground support structure, more stable than you think

    Adjustable independent ground support structure,even by external attack, still no problem.
  • Player protection design

    Special soft screen mask and protector design, even by external attack, it can protect the player's safety.
  • High quality design, best option for outdoor application

    Modular waterproof design, IP65 all weather available,module rear die-casting aluminum radiator design,improves the heat radiation efficiency up to 50% compare with similar products in market.
  • Front service available , saving your maintenance cost

    Convenient front service design, move 6 screws, disassembly cables, complete the module replacing.
  • Rear service in 30 seconds, faster and more convenient

    It only takes 30 seconds to take place one module from the rear side, simple and easy.
  • Modular design, simple maintenance

    Modular design of the module and cabinet frame simplifies the complex wiring, ensure the fast maintenance, taking place one module in a very short time.
  • Dual backup data system, ensuring safer and more stable work

    Adopt dual backup design of data system, when 1 data line breaks down, the other data line will be automatically started to ensure the stable working of display screen, reliable and worry-free;
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