So Simple: “Push to Release & Pull to Lock”

Takes only 3 seconds to mount and lock.

Faster & easier than any other lock in the market.

Last:Side Locking Hook & Curving Block
First:Vertical Clamper(Top Side)
Second:Vertical Locking Handle

“2” Style: Flat & Curve

“2” Degree: Concave (+5deg), Convex (-5deg)

From flat to curves is simple and easy – no tools.

Lightweight and easy to handle.

Change components without tools.

Faster maintenance and repairs.

Efficient cooling system under cool design.

Rear Side Module
Ventilation Structure
Power Box = Mg heat dissipation system

The position of the locking pins eliminates any risk of LED
damage while locking.

The road case protects your investment in storage or on the move.

The angled shelves make insertion and removal easy while minimizing movement during travel.

Hanging Bar comes in two styles and four sizes.