JD Series of shop-window advertising

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●Panel material: aluminum

●Product type: frame/frameless

●Penetration rate: up to 80%, without affecting interior lighting

Pictures are still bright even when facing the street

  The brightness of JD3.9 is up to 5500nits, which makes shop window display brilliantly, even in the sunlight when facing the street.

Two sizes to meet more demands

  500x500mm and 1000x500m sizes are provided to customers, which can be customized according to requirements.

Frameless design for a striking visual effect 

An exquisite frameless design reduces sight blocking with good penetration to create a more attractive image.

Add a transparent PC cover for more protection 

Transparent PC cover is provided for choices, which can protect the panel without affecting the display effect and maintain transparency.

Flexible installation, elegant appearance

  Supports hanging and stacking installation.
Hidden wiring design to improve visual experience.
Plugged in/out wiring for convenient connection.

Application scenarios 

Landmark buildings/ Shopping malls/ shopping centers/ Chain stores/ 4S Car shops/ Showroom/ and more......

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