TSC Series

  • Pliable

  • Graceful

TSC Series Flexible Display

Pixel pitch: P1.8,P2,P2.5,P3,P4,P5

Reliable high-quality product

  Composed of layers of quality raw materials, the module uses highly fireproof PCBs and soft bottom housing, thoroughly ensuring its reliability.

Easy to bend for convenient use

 A soft module is less than 2cm thick and is pliable up to 120°.
It passed 10,000 folding tests and easily fits all curved surfaces without warping.

Colorful and eye-catching

High contrast ratio and high grayscale for better image effect.

Supports customization of different shapes

Various customizable shapes (concave/convex/wave/cylinder) according to customer needs to help customers showcase their creativity.

Ready-to-use panel delivery ensures easy use

Complete ready-to-use panel delivery and strong magnets support fast installation and front/rear maintenance.

Flexible installation

  Installation in front/rear according to site conditions; supports hanging, wall-mounting and stacking installation.

Application scenarios 

Malls/shopping centers
Chain stores
and more…

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