Corporate Events

LED technology brings corporate events to life. No matter it is press conference, product launch, forum, enterprise annual meeting, reception party or any corporate event requiring display solutions that make a difference, Absen is the right choice. With multiple flexible LED display solutions specially tailored for corporate events, Absen is able to help you create spectacular stages and deliver unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Features of Corporate Events applications:

1. Accurate calibration and quick operation: the leading brightness and color calibration technologies ensure outstanding image quality and faster operation.

2. Excellent picture quality and rich details: The leading HBB and accurate color calibration technology can support the 4K and full HD and HDR10 standard. High definition, high refresh rate, high gray scale even in low brightness can meet the requirements of live broadcast on different occasions, and easily provide rich image details.

3. Better user experience and more energy-efficient: IMD four-in-one technology provides higher pixel density, thus creating picture of high brightness and better visual experience. At the same time, the innovative common cathode technology helps save more energy by reducing energy consumption by 20% while enhancing the contrast ratio by 20%.

4. Extreme installation and design flexibility: Creative installations with concave, convex or cubes with 90° corners can be easily achieved to meet different design needs. Flexible installations including hanging, mobile floor stand, ceiling-mounting and more are able to meet different space requirements, offering the ultimate design flexibility and convenience.

5. Fast mounting and dismounting, lower cost: The auto-locking side lock system supports quick one-man installation. Made of light material, the panel is convenient for transfer, saving labor, time, and transportation cost.

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