Public Events

A huge screen can break the space limits on an open public event site and enables long-distance viewing. Absen's LED display solutions are capable of helping customers create unforgettable public events with large audience with the ultimate visual experience.

Features of Public Events applications:

1. Accurate calibration and quick operation: the leading brightness and color calibration technologies ensure outstanding image quality and faster operation.  

2. Ultra lightweight and fast installation and removal: New lightweight frame, auto-locking side lock system and lighter panels enable easier and faster operation. Absen developed XL-sized panels especially designed for large stages, allowing one-man installation and helping save labor, time and transportation cost.  

3. Excellent image quality and broadcasting reliability:  The leading UltraBlack technology can enhance the contrast ratio and reduce reflection. The professional high refresh rate, high gray scale even in low brightness can meet the requirements of live broadcast on different occasions, and avoid dark lines and image flickering incidents, ensuring the smooth running of the live event. 

4. Extreme installation and design flexibility:  Creative installations with concave and convex can be easily achieved to meet different design needs. Flexible installations including hanging, mobile floor stand, ceiling-mounting and more are able to meet space requirements.

5. Professional system and real-time monitoring:  Equipped with professional audio and video processing system to allow the access of different video signals, Absen’s LED displays can play various content like videos, pictures in real-time, which helps the audience get better visual experience in multi-dimension. At the same time, it supports quick content switch and real time monitoring of the screen.

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